Fadderullan Recruits a New Board

Oppdatert: sep. 5

Do you want to arrange Norway’s biggest and most amazing enrollment week?

A new school year has just started and a new Fadderullan are going into the first stages of planning. The current board are finished and we need students to fill our positions! Do you feel you’ve got what it takes to help organizing Norway’s biggest enrollment week and BISO's biggest project? We encourage especially the 1st and 2nd graders to apply.


Deadline: 12. September 23:59


Deadline: 19. September 23:59


- Motivational letter (specify which position you want to apply for)

- CV


Project Manager:

As the Project Manager for Fadderullan you are responsible for coordinating the rest of your board and you also have a superior responsibility in planning the enrollment weeks.

Contact manager.fr.oslo@biso.no if you have any questions.

Apply here: https://biso.no/jobs/4511/

Security Manager:

As Security Manager you have the superior responsibility of the safety of the events. You coordinate the security companies involved in the enrollment weeks and Norsk Folkehjelp, in addition to creating a security plan for Fadderullan.

Contact security.fr.oslo@biso.no if you have any questions.

Apply here: https://biso.no/jobs/4513/

Financial Manager:

As Financial Manager you are responsible for all the financial aspects of the project. You have to organize Fadderullan’s budget and make sure the board stick to this throughout the year. You are also responsible for managing ticket sales during the enrollment week.

Contact finance.fr.oslo@biso.no if you have any questions.

Apply here: https://biso.no/jobs/4514/

Communication Manager:

As Communication Manager it is your responsibility that Fadderullan is visible to all stakeholders, such as students and business partners. Hereunder lies working with graphical material in different channels, such as social media, web page and posters.

Contact fadderullan.oslo@biso.no if you have any questions.

Apply here: https://biso.no/jobs/4515/

Staff Coordinator:

As Staff Coordinator you have the responsibility of recruiting, coordinating and motivating ambassadors for Fadderullan. Without a well organized team of ambassadors Fadderullan would not be possible to run, and you will be responsible for the logistics regarding all the ambassadors while planning the project and during the enrollment week.

Contact staff.fr.oslo@biso.no if you have any questions.

Apply here: https://biso.no/jobs/4516/

Business Relations Manager:

As Business Relations Manager your are responsible for recruiting new business partners, and take care of the existing ones. You are also responsible for getting products to Fadderullan’s goodie bags, and to prepare and write contracts with all Fadderullan’s partners.

Contact business.fr.oslo@biso.no if you have any questions.

Apply here: https://biso.no/jobs/4517/

Event Manager:

As Event Manager you have the overall responsibility of booking venues and artists, as well as planning the concept of Fadderullan 2017. This means both day events and night events, and all the technical aspects which follows. In addition to this you work close with the artist’s management, before and during the events, and you are responsible for making sure contracts, raiders and such are being taken care of.

Contact event.fr.oslo@biso.no if you have any questions.

Apply here: https://biso.no/jobs/4518/

Buddy Coordinator:

As Buddy Coordinator you have the responsibility of coordinating logistics concerning all of Fadderullan’s buddies. This means recruiting buddies, organize them in groups and answering questions both before and during the days.

Contact buddy.fr.oslo@biso.no if you have any questions.

Apply here: https://biso.no/jobs/4519/