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Fadderullan recruits ambassadors

Oppdatert: 6. feb. 2022


FADDERULLAN Oslo need a new set of AMBASSADORS to help shape and join in the planning of the Nordic regions biggest student driven project! This is the opportunity to be part of one of the main buddy weeks, working closely with different units in BISO, from all lines of study.

We are really excited to expand our team and to bring an amazing Fadderullan this August for the best study start possible!

Benefits of becoming an Ambassador:

  • The best unique experience in event and operations management

  • Personal development

  • New networking opportunities

  • Strengthened CV

  • Creating Magical Moments

There are a range of teams you can join, for more information, please see below.


Working close with the Event Manager, the Ambassador’s in this team will be to support in designing event concepts and the practicalities of the event week. Your team will be the main point of contact for artists and booked entertainment. Some tasks will involve Artist Liaison, transportation, and supporting the stage management and production companies.

If you would like to expand your knowledge in the running of backstage areas and events then this is the perfect opening for you.

Apply or Team Events here:


Ambassadors in the Buddy Coordinator Team share an important role with coordination and organisation of the buddy week. Alongside the Buddy Coordinator, the tasks in this team consist of coordination of buddies, composition of buddy groups and to bring the best experience for the groups and new students.

You will give the opportunity to gain experience working with teams, building social networks and coordinating with BI. Are you someone who wants to work with people? Do you have good coordination and communications skills, then this team is for you.

Please note this application is not to be a Buddy/ Fadder for Fadderullan 2022.

Apply or Team Buddy here:


The Business Relations Manager will work meticulously with you to connect with potential businesses to secure sponsorship for Fadderullan. This team will work frequently to contact companies to try and reach agreements to help finance the Buddy Week. You will gain experience in negotiation and gives and exciting insight into the business world after studying. If you would like to challenge yourself through negotiation and would like the chance to practice networking and partnering with different businesses, then this position is for you!

Apply for Team Business Relations here:


The communications team is the face of Fadderullan and is responsible for the interacting with the students. In this team you will be creating PR & Marketing campaigns for Fadderullan, pushing out events and important information and everything in between.

You will work closely with the Communications Manager and have the responsibility of keeping Social Media platforms, the website updated and collaborating with BISO Media to produce video and photo content for Fadderullan the week before, during and after.

This position is about giving information to people by publish text, images and videos and if you think you have what it takes, then we would love to hear from you!

Apply for Team Communications here:


As an ambassador in the security team, you will support the Security Manager, and work close to different security companies, emergency services and venue management. The main task is to ensure the safety of each event and create policies and procedures to follow in the result of an emergency. You will get a unique insight into both the way Fadderullan works and large-scale events.

Apply for Team Security here:


This team will work closely with the Staff & HR Coordinator and is responsible for the staffing and creating a great social environment within the Fadderullan crew, making sure everyone has a great time during the project and assisting in the formation and organisation of the entire project.

Your team is especially important in managing and keeping track of other Fadderullan Ambassador’s tasks before, during and after the week. If you like to work with people, have great coordination skills then this is something for you!

Apply for Team Staff & HR here:


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