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A mobile company that takes students seriously


You can save a lot by choosing StudentPakka, because OneCall covers the monthly fee during the holiday months of July and December.


The hectic student lifestyle leaves little room for a spacious economy, and  recent figures  show that a record number of young people are worried that their wallets are not enough.

That's why  OneCall  is now launching a brand new mobile subscription, so that you as a student can have more fun and worry less!

- With the summer well underway and the start of studies ahead of us, we think it is high time that a mobile company takes students seriously, says OneCall brand manager Pål Almark.


For the students

StudentPakka  contains 15GB of mobile data for NOK 249, and during the holiday months of July and December, OneCall waives the monthly fee.

If you don't use it up, you take your unused mobile data with you to the next month.


"It's hugely beneficial! A cheap mobile subscription that just works is both tidy and golden! You don't have to worry more than you have to."   - Ameline Tangen Sørgen (23) from Gjøvik.























Caption: As a student, Ameline benefits greatly from a cheap and safe mobile subscription.

Ameline has been a student for five years, and believes that it can be demanding to juggle student life with tight finances.

In a survey carried out in 2021 , 35% of students state that they are struggling with finances. Another survey also shows that 28% feel they have to cut their food budgets to make ends meet.

We can probably all feel a certain uncertainty about our own finances after the pandemic, with house prices on the rise, food prices increasing and electricity prices at record levels.

- For us, it was important to be able to offer a really cheap mobile subscription, which at the same time meets the needs of today's students, says Almark

Research  shows that for many students the mobile phone is an integral part of who they are.

- The mobile phone is super important for most students! You miss out on so much without easy access to what is happening online, explains Ameline.


Reasonably smart

First and foremost, StudentPakka must be super simple!

It contains a full 15GB of mobile data, which will cover the needs of the vast majority of people, and that's fine. Should you also need more data during the month, OneCall has additional data packages with extra low prices for students.

In addition, OneCall takes the bill for the holiday months of July and December!


"Our contribution to a slightly more relaxed period is that we take the fixed cost of the subscription in July and December, so the students can spend the money on more interesting things than the mobile bill." - Pål Almark, Brand Manager at OneCall.


He explains that the vast majority of students are concerned about the price, but that many are also concerned that it should be easy to use the mobile phone.



















Caption: The mobile phone is an important part of everyday life, so it's nice that it doesn't cost too much to use it.


- There must not be a lot of administration and stuff, and the students want to be in control themselves, preferably directly from their mobile phone.

- Through our app you have just that, full control over data usage and costs at all times, explains Almark.

Today's young people are also concerned with sustainability and the environment, and it actually fits very well since one of our focus areas is about recycling

Now you can buy slightly used mobile phones at a lower price, or  Almost New, as OneCall calls it.

-  Even if we as a mobile company cannot save the world alone, we have at least made a small attempt, says Almark.

Get up to 60% discount on slightly used mobile phones



5 tips for better student finances

Set up a budget: Have a plan for fixed and variable expenses so you know how much you can spend on food, clothes and festivities/leisure after the fixed costs are paid.

Take out a student loan: Take out a full student loan even if you don't need the money. The loan is interest-free while you study and you can get good interest by putting the money in the bank.

You don't have to live in the city centre: housing costs take a big toll on the student loan and in many places the battle for housing is fierce - especially around the start of studies. You will gain a lot from not living in the middle of the city centre.

Think about your everyday expenses: NOK 50 each day on food or coffee is equivalent to NOK 18,250 a year. Butter your lunchbox yourself! You can save a lot by shopping once a week rather than going to the store and making impulse purchases every day.

Work alongside your studies: There are few who manage to survive only on the student loan. Therefore, get a part-time job, but make sure that the job does not interfere with your studies.


Norway's most satisfied mobile customers

OneCall can be seen as Norway's most satisfied mobile customers for the fifth year in a row. And it is perhaps not so strange!

OneCall knows how important good coverage is for its customers, and especially students!

That is why they promise you coverage in 99 percent of Norway. And if you are not satisfied with the coverage, you get the monthly fee back!

- I am very social, so good coverage is very important! No matter where I go, I have to be able to have contact with people, says Ameline.

Like many other students, Ameline is dependent on her mobile phone to get her everyday going.

- It fits very well into a hectic everyday life, where I don't have the opportunity to sit down in front of a PC, she explains.

When it comes to SMS and talk time, there is simply free use of both, both here at home in Norway, but also to the Nordic countries and in the EU/EEA.

- Then we cross our fingers that the students send mum or dad a text every now and then, and feel free to contact the grandparents as well, they probably appreciate that, says Almark.



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