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When is Fadderullan this year?

  • Fadderullan 2024 is arranged from August 13th to 17th for bachelor students, and from August 14th to 17th for master students

Where do you buy tickets for the events? 

  • Tickets for various events will be posted a few days in advance of the event. Most tickets are sold through and information is shared about ticket sales in advance on Instagram and Facebook.  ​

What is the buddy week?

  • Every autumn, BI Fadderullan is arranged, to give new students a head start on their studies. Here you get a unique opportunity to get to know your fellow students! Through social activities and lots of fun, you get to take part in the student community and get to know everything that is worth knowing in the city. We arrange concerts, barbecues, parties, school tours and much, much more. We want you to feel welcome, and we look forward to getting to know you better!  

How do you get to the events?

  • It will be possible to use a bus, track or tram to get to the various events. If you are unsure how to get there, you can use the Ruter app. The app shows different transport options and the best routes to use during different times. Remember, your buddy is always available to help you with this too. 


I have been assigned as a Buddy for a different line of study that myself, can this be changed?

  • No, as a Buddy there´s a chance you might be assigned to a different line of study than yourself. This may be because that line of study did not have enough buddies and therefore you have been assigned to another line. Please note that this is final and there will be no changes after this point. FADDERULLAN is about meeting new people and creating magical moments across the different lines of study.


What do you do if you lack groups?

Do you have other questions? Find your relevant contact person here .

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