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Students' best study tips!

First of all, we would recommend everyone to enjoy Fadderullan and the time before the studies begin to the fullest. Have fun and take care of each other! We at Akademika Nydalen want everyone to have a good study time, and have collected the students' best and "worst" study tips from this year's reading habits survey:


Here are the students' 5 best study tips

  1. "Start early, don't stress, and drink enough water (5 energy drinks a day is not a mentally sustainable way to get through exam time...)"

  2. “Taking notes by hand using nice colors! Then the syllabus is much better"

  3. "Be diligent in taking notes and creating mind maps of concepts and theory, and alternate between skimming to get an overview and reading thoroughly to get content."

  4. "Take notes by hand and read on paper!"

  5. "Flash Cards from Akademika have been a great help this year! Study consistently, regularly and in different locations. Take breaks and be kind to yourself.”



Here are the students ' 5 "worst" study tips (which can still work for some)

  1. "Read until you cry"

  2. "Procrastination and skipper ceiling"

  3. "Read all the time"

  4. "Procrastination"

  5. "I do not know"



















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In conclusion, some smart tips for one

better study life from us at Akademika:

  1. Find out what is important in the subjects you take. Is the syllabus most important or are the lectures? Feel free to talk to students and teachers, and familiarize yourself with the subject.

  2. Highlighting and underlining the text can help, but then you have to find the core of what you are reading. That way, you can read what is marked when reading through and get the most important things repeated.

  3. Find one or more study buddies. Get together so that you can discuss and talk about subjects. Test yourself on what you can do. That way, you will remember the material better.

  4. Create a progress plan. Set up an overview of dates for assignments, exams, etc. Then you always know which part of the syllabus you are going to read week by week and you can enjoy your free time with a clear conscience.



Welcome to Akademika Nydalen, have a great study time!

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