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FriDate is an innovative dating app that places real meetings at its core. Forget superficial conversations that stretch over weeks. With FriDate, it's all about establishing a genuine connection quickly through real-life meetings.

How does it work? Our unique 24-hour concept is the key. When you match with someone, you have only 24 hours to chat. When the time runs out, the chat is locked, and both parties must decide whether they want to meet or not. If both want to meet, the chat reopens, and you can continue the conversation and plan a meeting with the assurance that both parties are interested in meeting.

Giveaway - Win clothes from Amundsen Sports worth 10,000 NOK To give all BI students an extra reason to try out FriDate, in connection with the orientation week, we have an ongoing competition with very attractive prizes and great chances of winning!

We will draw three lucky winners who will respectively win optional clothes from Amundsen Sports worth 10,000 NOK, 3,000 NOK, and 2,000 NOK!

Participating is very simple. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Download the FriDate app here and create a profile.

  2. Follow @fadderullanbi on Instagram and like the competition video here. The competition is open to all BI students.

The deadline for participation is Monday, August 21st.






















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