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By signing the buddy contract I accept the criteria described on this page and commit to following the guidelines set for Fadderullan 2022. I understand that a breach of this contract can result in withdrawal of my position as a buddy and exclusion from all of Fadderullan’s events, as well as being registered for exclusion from all of next year’s Fadderullan events.

Your duties as a Buddy consist of: 

  • Providing a welcoming and including environment that allows the new students to create new friendships and enjoy themselves. 

  • Making sure the new students are well taken care of and feel safe at all times. 

  • Putting the new students’ wellbeing as first priority. 

  • Gathering the new students to watch the matriculation of the new students at Monday the 10th of August. 

  • Use Fadderullan’s Buddy T-shirts at physical events.  

  • Act according to BI and BISO’s guidelines. 

  • Creating an environment where there is no pressure to drinking.

Your duties as a Buddy leader is: 

The same duties as a regular Buddy, but also: 

  • Answer inquiries from the Fadderullan board. 

  • Meet at the Buddy Kick Off (7th of August 2 PM through 5 PM) 

  • Receive the information that is sent out from the Fadderullan board, as well as share this information with rest of the group. 

  • You have overall responsibility for your group.  

  • Taking the natural responsibility as a leader and overseeing that all buddies in your group behave in a responsible and mature manner. 

  • Taking charge as a “restriction controller”, where you make sure that: 

  • No one is sharing glasses at private events 

  • There are no more than 20 people present at your private events 

  • The attendees at your private event are able to keep a one meter distance from each other 

  • You keep a written note of the people present at each private event that is being hosted (this is to keep track of the group if an attendee contracts the covid-19 virus) 

  • Everyone is keeping a good handwash-hygiene and use hand disinfectant regularly. 

  • The group follows the guidelines of the government’s covid-19 council and restrictions. 

With this contract, Fadderullan 2020 hereby commits to: 

  • Provide with sufficient information before the buddy week begins 

  • Reply to incoming inquiries from buddy leaders 

  • Provide with responsible personnel at Fadderullan’s public events. 

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